Boeing D1-4426 approved services

  • Boric-sulfuric anodizing (BAC5632)
  • Sulfuric acid anodizing
    (MIL-A-8625, AMS-A-8625)
  • Chemical Conversion Coating (BAC5719 and MIL-C-5541)
  • Primer
    (BMS10-11 and BMS10-20)

We are hiring!

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- Painter: must be familiar with BMS10-11

- Dye Penetrant Inspector: Must have current Level 2 or 3 certification.

- General labour:  Looking for reliable, dependable staff for general shop duties. Training provided.

Our state-of-the-art facility conveniently located beside the Golden Ears Bridge in Pitt Meadows, BC. Anotek's shop is clean, modern, environmentally friendly and stands head and shoulders above most typical metal finishing shops.

Convenient location

Other Services

  • Electropolishing
  • Other Primers

Our Services

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Anotek Anodizing Inc.

19483 Fraser Way, Pitt Meadows, BC, Canada

V3Y 2V4

Office Hours

Monday - Friday: 7:00 - 3:30 pm.

Saturday and Sunday: Closed

Tel: 604-459-2868

Fax: 604-459-2860

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World class quality system

Anotek Anodizing is the ONLY independent Nadcap-accredited  anodizing shop in Western Canada. Our quality standards are the same ones required by manufacturers like Boeing and Airbus. View our certifications here.

If you are not satisfied with the anodizing results you are currently getting, find out what our commitment to quality can do for your products.   Contact us.