Anotek specializes in liquid penetrant inspection, which is method of using fluorescent dye examined under ultra-violet light to detect cracks, pits and other defects in the surface of a part.​ We are compliant with NAS410 requirements for liquid penetrant inspection. We Nadcap accredited and approved for BAC5423.

Electropolishing is a great way to make your stainless steel shine like a mirror! This process has been developed in-house and is proprietary. We issue certs confirming that the process conforms to our internal procedures.

What's a Certificate of Conformance?


In order to be fully compliant with a specification, Anotek must meet all of its requirements, including all periodic and lot testing, process controls, record keeping, and document retention. Anotek is the only shop in Western Canada that has been audited by Nadcap and proven to meet those requirements. Without a certificate of conformance that declares full compliance to your preferred specification, you can't know if your parts were processed correctly.


Frequently referred to as Gold Alodine, or hexavalent chromate, this application is an alternative to anodizing. This is a very specialized process used primarily in the maufacture of aircraft and other transportation verhicles. We encourage you to discuss your requirements with us to ensure this process is right for you. Anotek is compliant with MIL-DTL-5541 and BAC5719.


Non-destructive TESTING

Anotek performs two main types of anodizing. 1) We offer sulfuric acid anodizing compliant with MIL-A-8625. This is a very common form of anodizing used in many commercial and industrial applications. It is often dyed to give the anodized aluminum a disctinctive colour. Anotek offers black, red and blue sulfuric acid anodize, also known as MIL-A-8625 Type II. 2) We also offer boric-sulfuric acid anodizing, in accordance with BAC5632, or MIL-A-8625 Type 1C. We have Nadcap approvals on all these processes.


We will help you understand what specification best suits your requirements. Here's what we do:


One of the main purposes of anodizing aluminum (apart from its cosmetic appeal) is to make paint stick to it better. We have a 20-ft paint booth and three ovens all of which meet Nadcap requirements for chemical processing. We offer a number of standard primers such as BMS10-11 and BMS10-20 integral fuel tank primer, as well as selected topcoats. Feel free to discuss your paint requirements with us!

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Anotek is very proud to be the only independantly-owned Nadcap-accredited anodizing shop in Western Canada. 

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